Deep-Sleep#4-Lambda print-2008-30x45cm

Deep-Sleep#8-Lambda print-2008-30x45cm
Deep-Sleep#5-Lambda print-2008-30x45cm
Deep-Sleep#7-Lambda print-2008-30x45cm
Photo series, Cairo-Egypt (2008)
”Deep sleep”, which is done in a private intimate space – in the night as well as in the daytime – contains on one side moments of sleep as a passive status, on the other side left out sleeping areas: rumpled layers of covers, covered faces and pieces of single bodies coming out of the covers.
This photographical series mainly reflects the various possibilities of reading images. The collective image memory in a certain moment, in a certain area – however its geographical closeness to the spot of events or not – has been created through the mass media sending constantly an enormous amount of images, done by professionals or even ordinary people, inside the event.