Shop-Abutting#10-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm

Shop-Abutting#4-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm

Shop-Abutting#1-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm

Shop-Abutting#5-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm

Shop-Abutting#7-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm
Shop-Abutting#9-Lambda print-2009-20x30cm

Photo series, Cairo-Egypt (2009)
Ard El Lewa consists of long narrow streets with high dwelling houses on both sides. 

In this area you can find all kinds of shops – one after another, and almost every building includes various commercial activities. ArtElLewa contemporary art showroom imitates these shops; A small space that opens everyday to show artworks. I have photographed some owners/workers of some shops, to exhibit these pictures in one line inside the room of ArtElLewa. The exhibition in ArtElLewa "shop" offers an insight look of the everyday life of the owners, workers, sellers and their surroundings – transformed in becoming an image on the wall. 
In this way, their own images at the “Shop-Abutting” can work as a bridge between the art space and themselves.