From the photo series: Family-Cairo-#8-2003-66x99cm
From the photo series: Family-Amsterdam-2010-40x60cm

From the photo series: Family-Istanbul-2009-40x60cm
From the photo series: Family-Berlin-2007-50x70cm

(Cairo - Berlin - Istanbul - Amsterdam)
Photo series (2003-ongoing)
“Family members in the context and privacy of their own homes have chosen their own way to gather in their living room and present themselves to the outside world.” Domestic and social structures have had quite an big impact on my artwork. I have portrayed different social features visually.
The home, its interiors and its inhabitants are loaded with visual fragments of personal histories, tastes and aspirations. In other words, home is a space where people might express themselves freely, especially in big cities. Nevertheless, the preconceived ideas of the self-image reinforce an idealized notion of social identity. This creates a mixture between what is commonly “known” and what is purely individual. All these things provide clues about its residents and their lives as a marker of their social and cultural background. The different ways in which these spaces are designed and their people are dressed, symbolize the taste and habits of a specific social class and represent the image they claim.